The natural fibre and nano talc based hybrid composite of polypropylene: Thermal performance

Bajwa, Gurdevinder Singh; Singari, Ranganath Muttanna; Mishra, Radhey Shyam


Hybrid composite are the latest development in the field of engineering materials and due to environmental concern we are employing natural fibre in place of synthetic fibres to save energy and environment as these hybrid composite are biodegradable. Reinforcement of nano talc in hybrid composite also enhances the properties of hybrid composite. Processing of hybrid composite is easy and economical. The hybrid composite produced by melt blending via co-rotating twin screw extruder. The thermal and morphological properties of hybrid composite have been investigated. The chemical structure has been observed by FTIR and morphology of hybrid composite by SEM has shown the uniform dispersion of natural fibres and talc in the polypropylene matrix. The thermal properties have been analysed by DSC, HDT, VST tests and gives positive results.


Hybrid composite, Natural fibre, Nano talc, Polypropylene, FTIR, DSC, HDT, VSP, SEM

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