Digitally controlled sigma-delta modulated direct matrix converter for high frequency AC-AC Conversion

Khan, Irfan Ahmad; Agarwal, Anshul


In recent times, several digitally controlled modulation techniques (MTs) have envisioned for generating pulse width modulation (PWM) trigger pulses to improve the quality of the output (o/p) produced [in terms of reduced total harmonic distortion (THD)], from direct matrix converter (DMC). The development of a digital controller for single-phase DMC, producing o/p frequencies higher than the input frequency has been dealt with in this paper. Performance of the proposed DMC has been analysed by applying an advanced modulation technique, named as “Sigma-Delta modulation”. The complete system has been simulated on the MATLAB/SIMULINK platform as well as successfully implemented on the real-time digital simulator “OPAL-RT: OP4510”. Working of the proposed digital controller has been successfully verified for the DMC with o/p frequency, ranging from 100 Hz to 60 kHz. With the Sigma-Delta modulated trigger pulses, the lowest THD (associated with o/p voltage of the DMC) is found to be around 3.1 %. As the real-time results have been acquired in the close vicinity and conformity to the results achieved with simulations, this validates success of the proposed digital controller.


Direct matrix converter, Field programmable gate arrays, Modulation techniques, Pulse width modulation, Sigma-delta modulation, Total harmonic distortion

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