Effect of mechanical properties on banana macro particle reinforced epoxy composites

Chinnapalanichamy, Jayaseelan ; Palani, Padmanabhan ; Ayyanar, Athijayamani ; Kalimuthu, Ramanathan


Mechanical properties of banana macro particles reinforced epoxy composites have been evaluated in this study.Composites have been prepared with 25, 30, and 35 wt % of banana macro particles using compression moulding machine.Mechanical properties (tensile, flexural, and impact) of banana macro particles reinforced epoxy composites have beenobtained as a function of content of banana macro particles. The results show that the mechanical properties are found toincrease substantially with increasing banana macro particles with epoxy composite. Composite with 35 wt% have thehighest mechanical properties, i.e., the tensile strength of 24.36 MPa; the flexural strength of 67.16 MPa; the impact strengthof 0.32 J. Scanning electron microscope analysis has shown the failure mechanism and the damaged behaviors occurred inthe composites after tests.


Banana macro particles, Epoxy resin, Mechanical properties, Scanning electron microscope

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