Wear properties and synthesis of CrFeNiMoTi high entropy alloy coatings produced by TIG process

Islak, Serkan ; Eski, Özkan ; Koç, Vahdettin ; Özorak, Cihan


The aim of this study is to investigate wear and microstructure properties of CrFeNiMoTi high entropy alloy coating produced by using tungsten inert gas (TIG) process on the medium carbon steel. The coatings have been compared in terms of their phase composition, microstructure, and hardness. Phase compound and microstructure of coating layers have been examined by using X-ray diffractometer (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM), and optical microscope (OM). The images show that the coatings have consisted of the cladding zone, interface zone, and heat affected zone. Also, the microstructure of the coating has been mainly composed of dendrite and discontinuous interdendritic segregation. The surface microhardness of this high entropy alloys up to 450 HV0.3, has been about 2.5 times as the substrate. The wear behaviour of the specimens has been compared through dry sliding wear tests under the same conditions. Average coefficient of friction values of the high entropy alloy (HEA) coating has been obtained at relatively low levels.


HEA coating, CrFeNiMoTi, TIG process, Microstructure, Wear

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