Experimental study on the influence of copper oxide nano-fluid on surface integrity in turning of AISI O1 steel

Shabgard, Mohammad Reza; Gholipoor, Ahad ; Javid, Sajad Lotf


Turning operation is one of the most used operations at various industries and obtaining desired machined surface qualityis one of the important concerns of researchers. In this investigation the effects of using copper oxide nano-fluid ascompared with conventional fluid (soluble oil) as coolant and lubricant on surface integrity of machined surface of heattreated cold work tool steel (AISI O1) as workpiece has been investigated. So cutting speed and tool’s feed rate have beenconsidered as input variables and surface roughness, created white layer thickness and density of generated surface crackshave been considered as output parameters and regarding full factorial method of design of experiments a set of experimentsfor each kind of coolants has been designed and performed. The results have been shown that adding copper oxide nanoparticles as equal as 1% in volume to deionized water as base fluid decreases the amount of machined surface roughness ascompared with using soluble oil. Also using the prepared copper oxide nano-fluid decreases the amount of created whitelayer thickness and density of generated surface cracks on machined surfaces as compared with soluble oil.


Turning operation, Copper oxide nano-fluid, Surface roughness, White layer thickness, Density of surface crack

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