Sustainable mortar mix using recycled fines obtained from construction and demolition waste

Soni, Nancy ; Shukla, Dharmendra Kumar


Rivers are over exploited for natural sand extraction and production of cement has triggered global warming. For sustainable development a study has been conducted to use construction and demolition waste (CD-W) in cement-sand mortar. In the present study, crushed CD-W in the form of recycled concrete fine aggregate (RCFA) and recycled concrete powder (RCP) has been planned to be used in cement-sand mortar as replacement of natural standard sand (NSS) and cement, respectively. The effects of partial replacement of NSS and cement with RCFA and RCP on compressive strength and split tensile strength after 7th and 28th day of curing have been evaluated. Outcomes of elevating replacements of cement and sand in mortar have been found to be decreasing gradually, but falls above the minimum limit of 7.5 N/mm2 as established by IS: 2250 (1981) for use of mortar in structural applications. Therefore, the study concludes the valid potential of RCFA to be utilized up to 100% percent and RCP up to 20% as partial replacement of natural sand and cement, respectively in mortar production.


Cement-sand mortar, Construction and demolition waste (CD-W), Recycled concrete powder (RCP), Recycled concrete fine aggregate (RCFA).

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