Exploring grindability of Ti-6Al-4V using an indigenously developed environment friendly micro pump based cooling system

Mahata, Sirsendu ; Mukhopadhyay, Manish ; Banerjee, Ayan ; Kundu, Arnab ; Mandal, Bijoy ; Das, Santanu


Titanium alloys are ideally suited for different manufacturing applications because of their unique combination of highspecific strength over a wide range of temperature, in addition to excellent corrosion resistance properties. However,grinding of titanium alloys is quite difficult due to their high hardness at elevated temperature, low thermal conductivity andelastic modulus. Application of cutting fluid helps to improve grindability, but with the increasing level of environmentalconsciousness, new technologies have been required to address the problem. This investigation deals with application ofalkaline soap water through an indigenously developed micro pump based cooling system during grinding of Ti-6Al-4V.Comparison has been made with dry grinding with respect to some response parameters such as grinding forces, specificenergy, surface roughness, grinding chips and ground surface morphology. Results have indicated that grinding forces,specific energy requirement and surface roughness decrease with the application of the micro pump based system.Observation of grinding ratio, chip form and ground surface has shown favourable results. Therefore, this newly developedmicro pump system may be recommended to supply soap water for grinding titanium alloys.


Grinding, Ti-6Al-4V alloy, Grinding force, Grinding ratio, Surface roughness, Micro pump

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