Application of 2XXX and 7XXX series alloys as input material for the new casting-forging hybrid process

Szuckia, Michal ; Dziubinska, Anna ; Winiarski, Grzegorz ; Majerski, Krzysztof ; Drozdowski, Krzysztof ; Gorny, Marcin ; Buras, Janusz


The aim of the work has been to analyze the aluminum alloys for plastic working from the point of view of their usefulnessin the new hybrid manufacturing process which includes gravity casting and forging. The tests have been carried out onpopular aluminum alloys from the 2xxx and 7xxx series: 2017A, 2024, 7022, and 7075, respectively. The authors have focusedon the problem of using these materials at the casting stage. The analyses have included verification of the technologicalproperties of alloys, including fluidity and the tendency to create porosities. Next, the influence of the solidification rate(associated with the use of various molds) on the casting microstructure has been determined. Based on the conducted analyzes, thealloys with the best casting behavior have been indicated. At the same time, possible problems that may occur at the forging stagehave been discussed.


Aluminium, Casting, Forging, Castability, Microstructure

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