Water-containing i-propanol-n-butanol-ethanol (IBE) as a next-generation biofuel of n-butanol for diesel engine

Abubakar, Shitu ; Hu, Junping ; Li, Yuqiang ; Narayan, Sunny


The high emission level of diesel engines has been an issue of global concern and the sophisticated means of controlling the emissions were not cost-effective. In this work, effects of water addition in a bio-derived fuel to mitigate engine emissions and enhances the brake thermal efficiency have been investigated. Four test samples including IBE10, IBE30, IBE29.5W0.5 and IBE29W1 have been prepared and tested in a diesel engine. The engine combustion characteristics, performance and emissions have been observed. It has been established that the water containing blends improve the BTE, BSFC and further reduces emissions at varying loads. In comparison with IBE30, IBE29W1 (29 vol. % IBE, 1 vol. % water and 90 vol. % diesel) has shown decreasing peak in-cylinder pressure and increases ignition delay and combustion duration by 0.13% – 4.8 %, 0.5% – 12.4 % and 0.26% – 3.8 % respectively. As for the engine performance, BTE has been increased by 2.6 % – 14.1% and BSFC decreased by 0.1% – 15 %, respectively, and the emissions of UHC, smoke, CO and NOx emissions was decreased by 21% – 42.6%, 0% – 21.7%, 5.4% –11%, and 0.64% – 9%, at varying loading conditions respectively.


Diesel engine, Emissions, Water-containing i-propanol-n-butanol-ethanol/diesel

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