Comparative study of pre-engineered building and space truss building with different span



Steel building gives a major support for structural development. Now a day’s most of the buildings are built asPre-Engineering Building (PEB) such as ware house, industrial buildings, residential buildings, malls, metro stations, etc.Space truss are provided for auditoriums, railway stations, etc. This paper provides a comparative study of PEB and spacetruss structure for 20m and 30m span. The length of the building was 60m which consists of 5 bays and eve height 7 m. Thedead load, live load and wind loads were taken as per IS codes. The location of the building was selected in Coimbatoredistrict, Tamil Nadu. The buildings were designed and analysed using STAAD Pro. Software.


Industrial Building, Indian Codes, Pre-engineered Building, Space Truss, STAAD Pro

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