Comparative study of mechanical technologies over laser technology for drilling carbon fiber reinforced polymer materials

Balasubramaniam, Vellaisamy ; Rajkumar, Durairaj ; Ranjithkumar, Poovaraj ; Narayanan, Chinnaiyan Sathiya


More researchers have been worked to increase the quality of the machined composite materials. In this paper, acomparative experimental study of mechanical techniques over the laser techniques has been performed in the drillingprocess by using the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). In order to identify the best process among the mechanicaldrilling (MD) and laser drilling (LD) technology various analysis methods like normality analysis, control chart analysis,and process capability analysis have been performed. Process capability index analysis for case study 1 and interval plotanalysis for case study 2 have been employed to evaluate the best process comparatively. Experiments have been performedin a vertical machining center (VMC) and CO2 laser. The final results revealed that the MD process is the best technologyfor drilling CFRP. Therefore, this work has been important for small-scale industries.


Mechanical drilling, Laser drilling, Carbide drill, Carbon fiber reinforced polymer, Process capability

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