Instability Regions of a laminated Sandwich Plate with MRE Core Under Parametric Excitation Using Finite Element Method

Mayeen, Hafiz ; Ojha, Rajesh Kumar; Dwivedy, Santosha Kumar


This paper is concerned with the instability regions of a laminated sandwich plate with magneto-rheological elastomer (MRE) core under periodic axial loads. Structures operating under this unstable region cause large response even if the excitation force is small in magnitude. The governing equations of motion of the system are obtained by using finite element method [FEM].The parametric stable and unstable regions of the MRE cored composite sandwich plate for different system parameters and end constraints are found using modified Hsu method for simple parametric resonance condition. This analysis will help to design passive attenuation by using sandwich plates of varied dimensions, material parameters of both skin and core. Further active vibration reduction is possible by applying suitable magnetic field and operating the system outside of the instability region.


Finite element method, Modified Hsu method, MRE core, Sandwich plate, Simple resonance

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