Exergetic and Enviroeconomic analysis of a novel PVT array with triangular duct for building application

SHARMA, AMIT ; Kumar, Ravi ; Shekhar, Chandra


Photovoltaic/thermal air collector has potential to execute electrical and thermal energy concurrently. This paperinvestigates carbon dioxide mitigation and enviroeconomic analysis on basis of overall, energy and exergy gain ofsemi-transparent PVT (SPVT), and opaque PVT (OPVT) arrays under natural convection in Bikaner, Rajasthan (India). Theanalysis has been carried out on an array configuration of opaque and semi-transparent arrays having 7 modules connected inseries. Experimental work has been done in the month of September to December and comparison has been made on the basisof electrical and thermal gains. The results depict that average electrical, thermal and overall exergy gain of SPVT array ishigher by 9.20%, 15.2% and 8.08% with respect to OPVT array. The CO2 mitigation for four months for semi-transparent arrayis higher by 0.67 tCO2 and 0.15 tCO2 as compared to OPVT array on the basis of overall thermal energy and overall exergygain respectively. The environmental cost of SPVT array is higher by Rs. 710.53 and Rs. 160.50 than OPVT array for fourmonths with respect to overall thermal energy and overall exergy gain.


Photovoltaic air collector, Electrical efficiency, Thermal efficiency, Overall exergy gain, CO2 emission,enviroeconomic analysis

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