Production and Characterisation of Biodiesel with the mixture of Ambadi oil and Waste Cooking Oil

Kukana, Rajendra ; Jakhar, Om Prakash


With the continuous global reduction of energy supplies and severe concern over environmental degradation with the use of fossil fuel, biodiesel will play a crucial transponder in these problems. Biodiesel blend with diesel fuel achieves a decreased environmental impact without losing quality of performance and use. There is interest in alternative fuels owing to volatile fossil fuel markets and degradation. New and alternative oil crops must be pursued to expand the horizon of plant-based fuels to satisfy the needs of energy demand. The purpose of this research was to compare the properties of ambadi seed oil biodiesel, waste cooking oil (WCO) biodiesel, and biodiesel of WCO ambadi seed oil mixer. The results of the study indicate that biodiesel with the introduction of WCO in Ambadi seed oil improves the physiochemical properties calorific value, flash point, and fire point. The blending of WCO limited upto AW50 due to increase in density and kinematic viscosity of biodiesel produced.


Biodiesel, Catalyst KOH, Ambadi oil, Waste cooking oil (WCO)

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