Simulation & Performance Analysis of Stand-by Distributed Generation System

Agrawal, Sanjay ; Chaurasia, G S; Mishra, Ambarisha


The engineering fraternity faces the formidable challenge to cope with the exponential rise of energy demand simultaneously with the depleting reserves of fuel and environmental issues. With the development in technology and the rising demand for supply of electricity, diesel-based power generation is being used as a standby or emergency to feed this demand and at the time of unavailability of other sources. In case of emergency or as a backup system diesel-based power generation is considered in this thesis. A simulation model of diesel engine along with governor and exciter unit is developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation performance is analyzed for different operating conditions with various resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. The exhaustive simulation results show the good dynamic and transient performance with voltage and frequency. The parameters of the machine are selected to achieve the desired electrical supply with a controlled voltage and frequency for 10%-80% loading conditions. The controller parameters (such as time constants, gains and coefficients) of the governor and automatic voltage regulator (AVR) are selected and tuned for a good transient and steady-state performance. The simulation results show a satisfactory performance in terms of efficiency, generated voltage, generator speed and frequency.y.


Automatic Voltage Regulator, Diesel Machine, Exciter Unit, Generator, Governor

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