Surface Tension of Polyurethane Solution and Thermodynamic Model

Zhang, Jinjie ; Qi, Yingping ; Lu, Pei ; Shen, Yongfeng ; Li, Hua


A new improved polyurethane materials was studied to improve the strength of paper, delay the aging of paper, solve the problem of poor permeability of traditional resins to paper, and meanwhile to provide basic data for industrial design and applications, the surface tension of composite solutions consisting of nano-SiO2-based polyurethane, organosilicon-based polyurethane and epoxy cyclohexane-epichlorohydrin polyurethane dissolved in ethyl acetate had been measured at temperatures ranging from 283.15 K to 308.15 K. The surface tension was fitted with the related equation between surface tension and temperature under normal pressure. The mean relative deviations between the calculated value and the experimental value were derived. The results showed that the model estimation of the surface tension of the composite solution were in good agreement with the experimental data, the paper coated by the polyurethane materials had better mechanical property. Therefore, the prepared polyurethane material has great application prospects in the protection of paper.


Ethyl acetate, Linear correlation, Polyurethane, Surface tension


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