Performance evaluation and multi-response hybrid optimization of grinding assisted rotary disk ECDM during cutting of Al-6063 SiCp MMC

Jha, Naveen Kumar; Kumar, Sandeep ; Arya, Rajendra Kumar; Dvivedi, Akshay ; Rajesha, Shivanna


The Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are being used in many applications, including aerospace, shipbuilding, anddefence industries owing to their high strength to weight ratio. However, the machining of these materials is stillchallenging, necessitating advanced machining techniques. The current investigation aimed to analyze the performance ofthe grinding-assisted rotary disc-electrochemical discharge machining (GA-RD-ECDM) process during cutting Al-6063SiCp MMC. Detailed experimentation was performed to study the energy interaction behavior and effect of input processvariables viz. applied voltage, pulse on time, electrolyte concentration, and disc rotation speed on performance measures.The responses selected were taper, overcut (WOC), and Materials Removal Rate (MRR). The experimentation work wasperformed by adopting response surface methodology. Regression models were developed and statistically analyzed throughanalysis of variance (ANOVA). Eventually, the GA-RD-ECDM process was optimized using the VIKOR methodology ofmulti-criteria decision-making by considering accuracy and productivity simultaneously to obtain minimum taper and WOCand maximum MRR. The results of ANOVA revealed that input variables were statistically significant. Applied voltagemost significantly affects the performance of the GA-RD-ECDM process performance. The optimal values of input processvariables obtained by VIKOR method were applied voltage = 100 V, pulse-on time = 3 ms, Electrolyte concentration = 18%wt/vol. and disc rotation speed = 30 rpm. The present work can provide a productive solution for cutting of difficult-to-cutmaterials. Thus, in future, the GA-RD-ECDM process can be investigated for other advanced materials (i.e., glass, polymercomposites and ceramics) for fabrication of microchannels for microfluidic applications.


GA-RD-ECDM, Materials Matrix Composites (MMCs), Materials Removal Rate (MRR), Taper, Overcut,VIKOR, MCDM

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