Dielectric properties of micro-composites based on acrylic coated conducting carbon particles and silicone elastomer

Singh, Ajit Shankar; Das, Vishal ; Mishra, Preeti ; Pandey, Arvind Kumar


The present embodiment provides an insight on the fabrication and characterization of polymeric dielectric compositesfor energy storage applications required in mobile electronic devices, stationary power systems, hybrid electric vehicles andpulse power generation. In present study, conducting carbon particles of appropriate dielectric properties have beenselectively functionalized with acrylic resin using micro-ballooning method to form core shell conducting particles in orderto tailor its conductivity and dielectric properties (dielectric loss in particular). The core shell conducting particles were thenmixed with silicone resin in varied proportions (10, 20, 25 and 30 % wt/wt) to form flexible dielectric micro-compositeswhich exemplify concomitant increase in dielectric constant without impairing dielectric loss owing to selective coating ofcarbon particles via micro-ballooning method. Formulation containing 25wt% core shell conducting particles showed mostlinear variation in dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor (tan ) with respect to frequency due to feeble contribution ofinterfacial polarization.


Dielectric, Composites, Conducting carbon, Coating, Polarization

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