Synthesis and transfer of large area graphene without support layer

Ghai, Viney ; Singh, Harpreet ; Agnihotri, Prabhat Kumar


Graphene is a 2-dimensional flat sheet of carbon species confined into a honeycomb structure exhibits unique optical,electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Graphene due to its fascinating properties finds application in the area offlexible electronics, nano-devices, health care, defence, photovoltaics and many others. In this work, graphene is grown on acopper foil using thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) at 1000 °C. Methane is used as a carbon source and hydrogen issupplied for the reduction of copper catalyst.Raman spectroscopy along with surface morphology and surface topologyconfirms the formation of graphene layer. Further, the fabricated graphene is directly transferred toglass substrate withoutany support layer. SEM and Raman confirms the defect-free transfer of graphene. Moreover, transferred graphene sheetshows high transparency along with hydrophobic nature with a contact angle of 93°.


2D, Graphene, CVD, Transfer, Copper

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