Floor Acceleration Amplification Factor in Yielding of Moment Resisting RC frame Structures

Agrahari, Ravinder Kumar; Pathak, Krishna Kant


Structural elements have been designed as load-bearing as well as non-load bearing. Non-structural components (NSCs) represent the non-load-bearing elements of the structures. Many provisions have been provided for seismic design of primary components of structures, but limited prescription has been provided for seismic designing of NSCs. This paper describes the behaviour of the acceleration-sensitive NSCs for different ranges of ground motions. For this study, the four different height of moment-resisting RC frame models, fixed at the base of the structure have been considered. With 17 far-field seismic ground motions, the building models have been investigated using the incremental dynamic approach. To analyze the floor response spectra, building periods, and structures ductility parameters, based on this proposed the acceleration amplification factors of the NSCs.


Acceleration amplification factor , Ductility ratio, Non-structural component ,Time history data

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