Design and Analysis of Foot Operated Water Spout

Rakesh, Kumar ; Kumar, Aravind ; Bansal, Rajeev


The article presents four designs of a foot–operated water tap. These designs were useful for operating a water tap without touch and control the flow of water with the operation of the foot. The designs were suitable for the round in shape cap of the water faucet or an attachment can be fixed on the handle of the existing tap to convert the cap round in shape. The clutch wire and cotton rope were used to convert the rotational motion into linear motion. Among the four designs, two works with the help of the single pedal operated with clutch wire and the other two works with two pedals and pulleys. Each design was analyzed in detail with operation, advantages, and disadvantages. The proposed novel designs were economical, prevents infection, saves consumption of water, controls water flow, easy to install.


Water tap, Faucet, Foot, Clutch wire, Linear motion, Rotational motion

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