Lean readiness factors for construction organizations

K V, Prasad ; V, Vasugi


Application of the principles of the “Toyota Production Systems” and the advancements such as lean managementsystems for the construction projects are very beneficial. Implementation of lean systems in any organization is a journey oftransformation that requires an intrinsic recognition of the need and commitment towards improvement, driven with passionby the top management, changes to existing organizational cultures and practices before it can be implemented. Studies havebeen documented that more than 90% of the organizations fail in their journey of lean implementation and a majority ofthe organizations have failed to sustain the implementation and reap the benefits thereon. Research has been conducted inSMEs and manufacturing, healthcare & emergency, humanitarian & higher education domains to identify a set ofconditions/practices which indicate the state of readiness of organizations to embrace the lean journey. Currently, no studiesexist which have investigated the aspect of lean readiness of construction organizations. The present study has identified thelean readiness factors for construction organizations covering all the phases of construction projects, through literaturereview and experts’ opinions. The factors identified form the basis for the design of the framework which shall benefitconstruction organizations immensely for sustainable lean transformation.


Lean Construction, Lean readiness, Readiness factors, Lean transformation, Culture

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