Studies on Lightweight Geopolymer Concrete

Yerramsetty, Deepthi ; Parukutty Sanker, Ambily ; Hanchate, Sudarasana Rao


The studies on Lightweight Geopolymer concrete (LGC) are leading-edge in the development of sustainable and eco-friendly concrete. Attempts were being made to develop LGC by various methods of production. This paper reviews about previously published research work on lightweight geopolymer concrete and the observations to the material binders - an alternate to the Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) by the utilization of industrial by-products, alkaline activator solution, foaming agents, chemical expansive agents, lightweight aggregate, production methods, and their physical and mechanical properties. The main focus is to investigate pore size formation, density, compressive strength and curing conditions. From the review it is found that the stabilization of foam and the control of efflorescence are the two challenging problems faced by the industry for the mass production of lightweight geopolymer foam concrete. Furthermore, topics for future work in this field were suggested.


Foam Concrete, Geopolymer, Industrial by-products, Mechanical Properties

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