Modeling and Control of PV Emulator with Different Controllers and Transient Load Conditions

Sharma, Simmi ; Joshi, Dheeraj


To keep up with the pace of renewable energy, PV Emulators are encouraged during the design and installation stages. Short circuit current, maximum power point and open circuit voltage are required to analyze the complete characteristic plot of PV panel.This paper focuses on the modeling and control of PV Emulators, as well as the comparison of the results obtained by implementing P,PI, PID and FOPID as conventional controllers with AI-based PSOPI, PSOPID and ANFIS controllers. This work will aid in minimizing time, cost and on-site constraints, allowing timely installation of PV panels after covid. Another distinguishing feature of this paper is the comparative analysis of designed models with various control strategies and their associated performance indices over complete range of PV characteristics.


Accuracy, AI based controllers, Conventional controllers, MATLAB Simulation, Performance Indices, State space analysis

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