Optimization on Manufacturing Processes at Indian Industries Using TOPSIS

Singh, Satbir ; Agrawal, Vivek ; SAXENA, KULDEEP K; Mohammed, Kahtan A.


Evaluation and optimization of multi-criteria with multiple alternatives have been essential activities for decision-making process. TOPSIS (Technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution), a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) technique, has been adopted in the past for research & decision-making and ranking of alternatives by optimizing input parameters to get the maximum overall output from the system. This study aims to explore the context, reasons, and particular advantages of using TOPSIS in the materials science and engineering field for realizing goals of competitive supply chains (SCs). This study has reviewed and analyzed research papers from the approach of systematic review of the literature. This study has presented a conceptual framework to emphasize the antecedents and consequences of using the TOPSIS methodology for output optimization in the materials science and engineering industry that can improve the competitiveness of SCs. This study found that TOPSIS based methodologies have been used in eleven types of industries in India, indicating the prowess of TOPSIS methodology. The results of TOPSIS have compared very well with other MCDM methods that are relatively more difficult and cumbersome. This study will help the engineers, practitioners, academicians, researchers, and SC managers with the application approach of TOPSIS for output optimization in various fields.


Engineering, MCDM, Materials, Manufacturing, TOPSIS

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