Improved performance of woven substrates in needle-punched nonwoven filters using needles with modified cross-section

Nan, Zhang ; Qin-fei, Ke ; Chen, Huang ; Xiang-yu, Jin


In the present study, a novel needle with a modified cross-sectional shape that can reduce the damage of woven substrates has been developed. The results show that as compared to the needles with triangular cross-section, the use of needles with modified cross-section can provide higher tensile strength in both machine direction and cross direction for woven substrates and fabric filters, regardless of punching density. Meanwhile, fabric filters prepared by new needles also show almost same clean gas concentrations with the fabric filters made by traditional needles.


Fabric filter; Modified cross-section needle; Needle-punched fabric; Nonwoven filter; Polyester fibre; Polyvinyl alcohol fibre; Polytetrafluoroethylene; Tensile strength; Woven substrate

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