Impact and flexural properties of hybrid jute/HTPET fibre reinforced epoxy composites

Ahmadi, M S; Dastan, T


In this study, hybridizing jute with high tenacity polyethylene terephthalate (HTPET) fibres has been proposed. Different hybrid jute/HTPET fibre reinforced epoxy composite samples have been fabricated with different weight ratios of HTPET, and subjected to charpy impact and three-point bending test. The results show that increasing the content of HTPET fibres in the composites will considerably improve their energy absorption capabilities and structural integrity after impact and bending test. However, hybrid composites with HTPET show lower flexural stress and bending modulus than pure jute composites.


Composite; Flexural properties; High tenacity polyethylene terephthalate; Impact properties; Jute; Jute/HTPET hybrid

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