Optimization of antimicrobial finishing on cotton muslin fabric by treatment with PEG, chitosan and cetrimide

Mukhopadhyay, Asis ; Samanta, Ashis Kumar; Kar, Tapas Ranjan


In the present work, combinations of different concentrations of binary mixture of chitosan + PEG, chitosan + cetrimideand PEG + cetrimide have been applied on bleached cotton muslin fabric by pad-dry-cure process in the presenceof citric acid + sodium hydrogen phosphate catalyst, and the consequent percentage strength retention aftertreatment, percentage strength retention after soil burial test and average bacterial reduction % are evaluated with an aim tooptimize the concentrations of chitosan, polyethylene glycol and cetrimide to achieve a balance between antimicrobialproperties and tenacity retention. Optimization results show that the application of 2% chitosan + 2% PEG (50:50) withcitric acid and SHP as mixed catalyst system gives shows very good antimicrobial/ rot resistant properties without much loss of tenacity.


Antimicrobial finishing;Cotton muslin fabric;Chitosan;Epoxy-propyl trimethyl-ammonium chloride;Rot resistance;Tenacity

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