Physical and thermal characterization of natural fibre extracted from Caryota urens spadix fibre

Yamuna Devi, S ; Grace Annapoorani, S


In this study, comprehensive characterization of Caryota urens spadix fibre has been done to examine its morphological,physical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. High cellulose content of the fibre (42.1 wt%) provides better tensilestrength (1970-6330 MPa) and ensures better bonding with the matrix. Moreover, the low density of the fibre (0.78 gꞏcm−3)makes it alternative for hazardous synthetic fibres. The lower crystal size structure tends to absorb more water than thehigher crystal size structure. The thermogravimetric analysis confirms its stability up to 270°C, which is higher than thepolymerization temperature. The results confirm the potential of Caryota urens spadix fibres as reinforcement inbio-reinforced polymer composites for automotive and structural applications.


Bio-reinforced polymer;Caryota urens;Natural fibre;Thermal characterization;Thermogravimetric analysis;Tensile strength

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