Burning behavior of aramid and FR viscose blended fabrics

Sonee, Noopur ; Arora, Chitra ; Parmar, M S


Two sets of yarns have been produced on ring spinningsystem. In the first set, flame-retardant viscose and meta-aramidare blended in three different ratios of 30:70, 50:50 and 70:30, andin the second set, flame-retardant viscose, nylon 66 and metaaramidare blended in two different ratios of 30:20:50 and50:20:30 respectively. These yarns are converted in to wovenfabrics and evaluated for limiting oxygen, contact heat, radianheat and convective heat indices. One way analysis of variance(ANOVA) has been applied to find out the effect of different fibreblends on various flame and thermal properties. It is observed thatthere is relationship between fibre contents in the blend and flameand thermal resistant properties.


Aramid fibres;Burning behaviour;Flame-retardantviscose;Mechanical property;Nylon 6 6;Oxygenindex;Ring spinning

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