Use of glucose as an ecofriendly reducing sugar in the application of sulphur dyes -Comparative study with traditional reducing agent

Baffoun, Ayda ; Hamdaoui, Mohamed ; Romdhani, Zouheir


Attempts have been made to replace the mostly used reducing agent (sodium sulphide), and the most effective reducing agent (sodium dithionite), with an environment- friendly reducing sugar (glucose). This comparison is based on the redox potential and pH used under different concentrations of reducing agent, caustic soda and sodium carbonate. The dyeing performance resulting from the reduction of the CI Leuco Sulphur dye Black 1 by each one of the studied reducing agents is appreciated by measuring the colour yield and by evaluating dyeing fastness. The obtained results show that glucose can offer an environmentally safe alternative to sodium dithionite and sodium sulphide as a reducing agent in sulphur dyeing processes.


Cotton; Dyeing; Fastness property; Glucose; Leuco sulphur dye; Reducing sugar


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