Comparison of polyester-cotton blended yarns produced by blending of polyester with semi-combed and super-carded cotton fibres

Subramanian, S ; Vaidheeswaran, S ; Pradeep, S ; Uthaman, P


Polyester-cotton blended yarns have been produced with the combination of two different types of blending, viz. blowroom and drawframe and two different methods of removing short fibres, viz. semi-combing and super-carding as the later method is economical. It is found that the yarns produced using blowroom blending method show better yarn quality as compared to that of drawframe blending with respect to evenness, imperfections, classified faults and tensile strength. Compared to the yarn produced using polyester-semi combed cotton and drawframe blending, the yarn produced using polyester-super carded cotton and blowroom blending gives better quality yarn.


Blowroom blending; Polyester-cotton blend;Drawframe blending; Semi-combed fibre; Super-carded fibre

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