Woven design data transmission using TTL logic for 128 hooks electronic cardless jacquard

Kumaravelu, R ; Poornima, S ; Kasthuri, N


A new electronic cardless handloom weaving apparatus which is an alternate to mechanical jacquard has been developed in order to improve the productivity and to reduce the occupational stress of the handloom weaver. The main objective of this development is to retain the features of the handloom with comfortable weaving and reduced laborious work. This development is based on embedded system to control the warp yarn vertical movement. The conventional punched cards are replaced by multimedia memory card file system. The shedding effect is programmatically controlled through miniature stepper motors. The new apparatus is found to be highly versatile for introducing variety of weaving patterns.


Embedded system; Handloom weaving; Jacquard device; Punched cards;Multimedia memory card; RS485 serial bus;Transistor to transistor logic

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