Effect of finishing on performance characteristics of woven and warp-knitted terry fabrics

Akaydın, M ; Yılmaz, K ; Yilmaz, N D


The influence of some finishing processes has been studied on the performance characteristics of woven and
warp-knitted terry fabrics with open-end pile warp. Terry fabrics of similar structural parameters have been produced by weaving or warp knitting and then subjected to finishing processes which are commonly applied by the textile industry. Samples are extracted at different stages of the finishing processes. Water absorption behavior, structural parameters, and mechanical properties are evaluated and the results are compared by statistical analysis of the obtained data. It is observed that compared to greige terry fabrics, the finishing treatment increases basis weight and dimensional stability due to shrinkage occurred with relaxation, water absorption rate due to the removal of size and other hydrophobic substances, and elongation ratio because of the elimination of size film during pretreatment processing. Woven terry fabrics give higher strength values and warp-knitted terry fabrics show higher elongation.


Finishing process; Mechanical properties; Terry towel; Warp-knitted fabric; Water absorption; Woven fabric

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