Enhancement of heat and mass transfer between human body and hospital mattress to reduce pressure ulcer formation

Kandhavadivu, P ; Rathinamoorthy, R ; Surjit, R


A pressure relieving mattress has been developed along with multilayered functional bed cover to reduce the magnitude, direction and/or duration of pressure and temperature, thereby avoiding excessive tissue distortion on vulnerable parts of the body. The interface pressure and temperature between body and mattress are measured and analyzed using the parameters, such as deformation index and pressure gradient. The pressure relieving mattress developed reduces the interface pressure by 30-60%, and reduces the heat generated by ~ 3° C. Hence, the new mattress developed along with the cover sheet reduces the chance for pressure ulcer formation and improves the comfort of the patients.


Hospital mattress; Interface pressure; Interface temperature; Pressure ulcer; Pressure relieving mattress; Pressure distribution

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