Design and development of an instrument for non- destructive fabric weight measurement

Senthilkumar, M ; Ashok Kumar, L ; Keerthana, A ; Pavithra, V ; Poongodi, S


In this study, an image processing approach for fabric weight measurement has been proposed and tested. The system involves digital capturing of image using a microscope and then its processing in simple steps using image processing software (MATLAB). The study is conducted using a range of woven fabric samples. The fabrics have been conventionally weighed using an electronic weighing balance, and digital images of the sample fabrics are obtained and processed. The process involves application of suitable filters to obtain weft count, warp count, EPI, PPI and yarn crimp. The values are then substituted in standard formula to obtain the fabric weight. The study shows that the results of the proposed method of image processing, based on fabric weight measurement, are well correlated with the results of conventional method of measurement.


Digital image processing; Fabric weight; Laplacian mask; MATLAB software

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