Optimization of impact behavior of bio particulated coir-vinyl ester composites using simulated annealing with post analysis

Ramprasath, R ; Jayabal, S


The present investigation is focused on evaluation and optimization of impact behavior of bio particulated coir-vinyl ester composites. The bio particles such as groundnut shell, alumina and termite mound soil have been selected and their influences on the impact behavior of coir -vinyl ester composites are evaluated. The bio particulated composite fabrications are planned as per full factorial design with the different levels of fibre length, fibre content and particulate content. The impact strength of fabricated composites is evaluated. The nonlinear regression models are developed for the prediction of impact behaviors over the specified range of conditions. The fabrication parameters for the maximum value of impact behaviors are also determined using simulated annealing algorithm and conformance checking is carried out using post analysis. The optimum values of impact behaviors of 39.5, 45.9 and 52.1 kJ/m2 are obtained in coir-vinyl ester composites reinforced with groundnut shell, alumina and termite mound soil respectively.



Bio particulates;Coir - vinyl ester composites;Impact strength;Simulated annealing

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