Dynamic adsorption characteristics of thin layered activated charcoal materials used in chemical protective overgarments

Radovan, Karkalic Milutin; Negovan, Ivankovic D; Dalibor, Jovanovic B; Smiljana, Markovic M; Dejan, Indjic R; Marija, Micovic D; Branko, Kovacevic V


The efficiency of a thin layered activated charcoal material used in chemical protective overgarments has been evaluated. The study has been conducted with the aim to obtain protective materials with best characteristics considering resistance to benzene effect under dynamic conditions and to create a new filtration protection device. In order to evaluate dynamic adsorption characteristics of thin layered sorption materials, sophisticated dynamic gas chromatography method is used. The curves of benzene penetration are determined for sandwich materials, and sorption layers used in filtrating protective clothing shows that thin layered carbon sorption materials (type M00) have good protective properties as compared to other similar materials. The findings will help to create conditions for developing a functional model for producing a new protective overgarment in the near future.


Activated charcoal; Gas chromatography; High toxic contamination; Protective clothing

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