Modelling of surface roughness based on geometrical parameters of woven fabrics

Ezazshahabi, Nazanin ; Tehran, Mohammad Amani; Latifi, Masoud ; Madanipour, Khosro


A novel model has been developed for the surface roughness evaluation of woven fabrics, based on fabric geometrical parameters. The model is developed based on the properties of twenty five groups of woven fabrics consisting of five various weave structures and five different weft densities. The output of the model is validated through a set of subjective roughness pair-comparison tests. The model output is found to be in accordance with the roughness scale value which is obtained from subjective tests, to a reasonable extent. The statistical analysis of roughness results shows that the effect of fabric structural parameters such as weave structure and weft density is significant in the confidence range of 95%. This model can be utilized for the prediction of the roughness behavior of various types of woven fabrics. Bearing in mind the influence of fabric surface roughness on the comfort and aesthetic properties of cloths, the usage of the model is a guide for selecting the suitable fabric for various end uses.


Fabric geometry; Subjective evaluation; Surface roughness; Weave structure; Weft density; Woven fabric

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