Preparation of UV-resistant PET fibres by direct melt spinning with on-line addition

Zhaohui, Jiang ; Zengge, Guo ; Zhao, Jia ; Jing, Wang ; Congcong, Pu ; Changfa, Xiao ; Jian, Jin


In order to solve the uniform dispersion of inorganic particles and dispersion characterization, a batch of UV-resistant fibres has been manufactured by direct melt spinning with on-line addition. By combining image analysis software with OM images, the dispersion of TiO2 has been quantitatively analyzed. The formula of mass fraction of inorganic particles in fibre is deduced on the basis of crystallinity, and the calculated value is found consistent with theoretical value. Additionally, the comparative study of direct spinning and chip spinning shows that the former presents better dispersion of inorganic particles and superior performance. The tenacity of fibres from melt-direct spinning increases by 13.87%, the CV value decreases by 75.19% and Heywood diameter of TiO2 particles decreases by 13.97%. According to national standard (GB/T 18830-2009), UPF values of the fabric are found much greater than the standard [UPF>40, T(UVA)<5%].


Direct melt spinning; Dispersion; Polyethlene terephthalate fibre; TiO2 particles; UV-resistant fibre

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