Synthesis of core-shell fluorine-silicon containing polyacrylate latexes for water and oil repellent finishing of cotton fabric

Fan, Zenglu ; Li, Qing ; Cai, Xinbin ; Xiao, Qianqian ; Zhang, Long


A novel core-shell fluorine-silicon containing polyacrylate emulsion has been synthesized via semi-continuous seeded emulsion polymerization technique and then used to treat cotton fabric to achieve water and oil repellent properties in the latex coated fabrics. Structure of the resultant core-shell polyacrylate latexes has been characterized and the water and oil repellent properties of its coated fabrics are studied. Improved hydrophobicity and oleophobicity of the treated cotton fabrics are observed. The contact angle of a water droplet on the treated cotton fabrics is found up to 143.7°, and the rating of oil repellency and anti-soil properties are determined as 4.5 and 5 respectively. The changes in water and oil repellent properties of the coated fabrics after 20 cycles of standard washing are inconspicuous, while their physical and mechanical properties show a slight decrease.


Core-shell copolymers; Cotton fabric; Fluorine-silicon containing polyacrylate; Oil repellent property; Water repellent property

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