Vol 51, No 03 (2022)

Table of Contents

Research papers

The VF-PSO optimization algorithm for coverage and deployment of underwater wireless sensor network PDF
Hu, Y F ; Sun, Y J ; Chen, L 219-228

The assessment of African penguin (Spheniscus demersus (Linnaeus, 1758)) management performances at the Underwater World Langkawi, Malaysia

Salleh, M H M ; Nor, S M 229-237

Spatial and temporal variation in the distribution and abundance of Synechococcus spp., picoeukaryotes, nanoeukaryotes and Chlorophyll-a in the Eastern Black Sea

Dokuzparmak, U ; Feyzioglu, A M 238-248

Effects of GnRH-a on the ovarian maturation of blue tang fish (Paracanthurus hepatus Linnaeus, 1776)

Sang, H M ; Lam, H S ; Ky, P X 249-254

Multiple-choice feeding preference assay on two sea urchin species from the Gulf of Mannar, South East coast of India

Saravanan, R ; Jawahar, P 255-262

Heavy metal levels in tissues (gonads and fillets) of Horse mackerel collected from Ghazaouet Bay (Western Mediterranean coast of Algeria)

Cherif, M ; Benguedda-Rahal, W ; Belhadj, M ; Mokri, F Z 263-269

Short communications

First record of patchy coral reef off Terekhol, North Goa, India

Sreekanth, G B ; Ingole, B S ; Pednekar, B ; Chakurkar, E B 270-274

Morphological and meristic features of Vulnerable Tenualosa toli (Valenciennes, 1847) from Narmada estuary, Gujarat, India

Bhakta, D ; Das, B K ; Kamble, S P ; Solanki, J K ; Sah, R K ; Kumar, L ; Sahoo, A K ; Pandit, A ; Samantha, S 275-279

Occurrence record and range extension of Ebosia falcata Eschmeyer & Rama-Rao, 1978 (Scorpaenidae: Pteroinae) from West Bengal and Odisha, India

Roy, S ; Ray, D ; Mohanty, S R ; Mohapatra, A 280-283

Occurrence of a rare lambridiform fish, Desmodema polystictum (Ogilby, 1898) from Andaman coast of India

Rajeeshkumar, M P ; Sumod, K S ; Rajeev, R ; Aneesh Kumar, K V ; Hashim, M ; Sarvanane, N 284-287

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (IJMS)