A comparative study of characteristics of AZO based MISIM photodetectors with Al2O3 and SiO2 passivation layers

Singh, Shaivalini ; Park, Si Hyun


This paper reports aluminum (Al) doped zinc oxide (AZO) based metal-insulator-semiconductor-insulator-metal (MISIM) ultraviolet (U) photodetectors. Spray-coated Al2O3 and sputtered SiO2 have been used as passivation-layer for two different sets of MISIM devices, respectively. The spray-coated Al2O3 passivation-layer has been used first-time for AZO based MISIM U-photodetectors. A comparative study of current versus voltage characteristics of MISIM and MSM (without passivation-layer) devices have been done systematically. The MISIM devices with Al2O3 passivation-layer showed better performance than MSM and MISIM (with SiO2) U-photodetectors. These AZO based MISIM (with spray-coated Al2O3) U-photodetectors can be used for low-cost optoelectronic applications.


AZO; Aluminum oxide (Al2O3); Silicon dioxide (SiO2); Passivation-layer; Spray-deposition; U-photo detectors

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