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“Traditional knowledge" is employed to mean knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional life-styles; the wisdom developed over many generations of holistic traditional scientific utilization of the lands, natural resources, and environment. It is generally passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation and is, for the most part, undocumented. Traditional knowledge is valid and necessary, and awaits its currently relevant wider application for human benefit. National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, CSIR felt a need to document the recent developments and the information bygone in this area in the form of an interdisciplinary periodical. The Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge will carry original research papers, review articles, short communications, etc. concerned with the observation and experimental investigation of the biological activities of the materials from plants, animals and minerals, used in the traditional health-care systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Folk-remedies, etc. As validation of indigenous claims it will cover Ethno-biology, Ethno-medicine, Ethno-pharmacology, Ethno-pharmacognosy & Clinical Studies on efficacy. Besides, the journal will also welcome interdisciplinary papers on traditional uses (non-medicinal) of Indian raw materials of plant, animal and mineral origin and development of appropriate technologies for community benefit with specific interest to the rural areas. Impact Factor of IJTK is 0.920 (JCR 2018). CODEN: IJTKB7.

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Vol 18, No 3 (2019): Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge


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Total phenolic and flavonoid content, antioxidant effects and antidiarrheal activity of balacaturbhadrika churna – an Ayurvedic preparation PDF
Ram, HN Aswatha; Pratap, Rahul ; Chandrashekar, K S; Pai, Vasudev ; Khan, Saleemulla ; Kamath, Venkatesh 485-492
Role of naturopathy on physical and biochemical parameters in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus PDF
Chawla, Ranjna ; Nair, Rukamani ; Sood, V R; Mukherjee, Somnath ; Arora, Anshu 430-438
Safety evaluation of an antiviral polyherbal drug of Siddha Medicine in Wistar rats PDF
Ezhilarasan, Devaraj ; Padmaraj, Appavu ; Vinothkumar, Krishnamurthy ; Sukumar, Ethirajan 531-535
Antimicrobial activity and Escherichia coli biofilm destruction potency of
Siddha formulation Sagadevinei

Walter, Thomas M; Merish, S 536-540
Role of yogic practices in individuals with hypertension and low-Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) of Ahmedabad city PDF
Verma, R J; Oza, Devashree N; Patel, Tapan A 589-594


Contrasting seed biology of two ornamental palms: Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii O’Brien) and Fishtail Palm (Caryota urens L.) PDF
Prakash, Krishna ; Chaudhury, Rekha ; Rohini, M R; Singh, Badal ; Malik, S K 477-484
Diversity, indigenous uses and traditional practices of dye yielding plants in Central Himachal Pradesh, North western Himalaya PDF
Samant, S S; Kumari, Pooja ; Puri, Sunil ; Singh, Amit ; Rathore, Sumati 560-564
Indigenous knowledge based abiotic indicators used in weather prediction by farmers of Wayanad, Kerala, India PDF
Bonny, Binoo P; Anju, R 565-572


An ethnobotanical survey of antidiabetic medicinal plants used by the Bodo tribe of Kokrajhar district, Assam PDF
Daimari, Manita ; Roy, Mritunjoy Kumar; Swargiary, Ananta ; Baruah, Sanjib ; Basumatary, Sanswrang 421-429
Immunosuppressive and anti-cancer potential of aqueous extract of
Solanum Xanthocarpum
Khandelwal, Vishal ; Choudhary, Pradeep Kumar; Gupta, Saurabh ; Chaubey, Kundan Kumar; Singh, Shoor Vir; Goel, Anjana ; Bhatia, A K 451-457
The in vivo evaluation of antinociceptive and antipyretic activities of
Marrubium deserti De Noé infusion extract
Somia, Saad ; Saida, Ouafi 468-476
Indigenous knowledge of coastline sacred groves in Central Kerala, India PDF
MG, Sanilkumar ; MG, Geethu Krishna 541-546
Determination of proper gamma radiation dose for creating variation in
Indian garlic varieties

Benke, Ashwini P; Dukare, Somnath ; Jayaswall, Kuldip ; Yadav, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Major 547-552
Karonda and Jamun seeds’ in vitro anticancer efficacy PDF
Sharma, Vikas ; Heer, Arti ; Kour, Navneet ; Sharma, Akash ; Singh, Shashank K 573-578
Investigation about the consumption of edible flowers in Portugal PDF
Guiné, Raquel PF; Florença, Sofia G; Ferrão, Ana Cristina; Correia, Paula MR 579-588
Genetic architecture and population structure of Oat Landraces (Avena sativa L.) using molecular and morphological descriptors PDF
Rana, Maneet ; Gupta, Sonam ; Kumar, Neeraj ; Ranjan, Rajeev ; Sah, R P; Gajghate, Rahul ; Dwivedi, K K; Ahmed, S 439-450
Role of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in sustaining forest-based livelihoods: a case study of Ribdi village of West Sikkim, India PDF
Singh, Mithilesh ; Pradhan, Prashanti 595-609
A survey of some medicinally important plants of the Euphorbiaceae family used by the Santhal tribes of Santhal Pargana PDF
Lal, Shalini ; Neeraj, Baskey 610-614

Food Science & Nutrition

A comparative study on nutritional, fatty acids, carotenoids, aroma and antioxidative characteristics of Microcarpum DC and Vulgare alef
varieties of coriander foliage
Naidu, Madeneni Madhava; Priyadarshi, Siddharth 458-467
Effect of grain processing on nutritional and physico-chemical, functional and pasting properties of amaranth and quinoa flours PDF
Sindhu, Ritu ; Beniwal, Sushma Kumari; Devi, Amita 500-507

Natural Dyes

Printing of Lyocell fabric with Rubia Cordifolia and Acacia catechu using Guar gum and Chitosan as Thickening Agent

Ojha, Divya ; Deodiya, Sangita ; Purwar, Roli 615-620


Phytochemical profiling and antioxidant activity of Leea macrophylla
Roxb. ex Hornem.-in vitro study
Mahato, Dipa ; Sharma, H P 493-499
Evaluation of herbal ointment containing ethanol extract of Plecranthus amboinicus root for the management of psoriasis PDF
Vijayalakshmi, A ; Priyanka, M ; Priyadharshini, S ; Kumar, Sathish ; Jayakumari, S ; Ravichandiran, V 553-559
Effect of Radix Platycodonis and Radix Cyathulae in Xuefu Zhuyu Tang on tissue
distribution of paeoniflorin in blood-stasis mice by HPLC: Experimental
evidence on Shi ingredients in traditional formula compatibility
Verma, Charu ; Huang, Wei ; Chen, Yunhui ; Tang, Shiyun ; Liu, Xinglong ; Zhang, Xiaodan ; Wan, Peng ; Tang, Songqi 516-524
E. coli AB 1157 susceptibility test, MTT assay on MCF-7 and HeLa cell lines of root and leaf fractions of Viburnum Linn. species PDF
Ponnudurai, K ; Prabhu, K ; Rani, S Shobha; Murthy, M Srinivasa 525-530


Ethnozoology and entomophagy of Ao tribe in the district of
Mokokchung, Nagaland

Pongener, Anungla ; Ao, Bendang ; Yenisetti, Sarat Chandra; Lal, Pardeshi 508-515

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (IJTK)