The Probability of Advance Fortune of Cosmetology on Doctrines of Ayurveda – The Ancient Science of Life with Beauty

Nille, G C; Chaudhary, A K; Rajmane, S J


Though the science of natural cosmetics has been known since ancient times, the recent emergence of cosmoceuticals touts a new approach to health through beauty. Ayurvedic physicians need to articulate the science of beauty as a chapter in its science of health. Ayurvedic anatomy of skin and concepts of treatment successfully demonstrate the ability of vaidyas to prescribe botanical and minerals treatments that restore health to the tissues of the body and thereby restore the glow and resilience of Ojas that is natural beauty. Ayurveda does not advocate superficial makeup and cosmetics but rather it nourishes the mind and body with different treatment principles for the reflection of healthy status of a skin. In the present review article, the author has reviewed all the details about the Ayurvedic Cosmetology through the classical texts and different published scientific work.


Ayurveda; Beauty; Cosmetology; Cosmoceuticals; Ojas

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