Role of naturopathy on physical and biochemical parameters in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Chawla, Ranjna ; Nair, Rukamani ; Sood, V R; Mukherjee, Somnath ; Arora, Anshu


Study was aimed to evaluate the effect of four months of naturopathy on diabetes, symptom score, physical parameters, biochemical parameters and oxidative stress in patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes (T2D). Total of 121 diabetic patients were enrolled. Treatment group included 60 patients taking naturopathy including abdomen mudpack, spinal cord massage and cold hip bath (CHB). Parameters recorded were glycemic status (plasma fasting and PP) oxidative stress (Glutathione peroxidase and Total Antioxidant Capacity {TAC}) and symptom score (urination, visual symptoms, fatigue, drowsiness, hunger, Thirst). With naturopathy a significant reduction in sugar levels in Fasting (p<0.001), PP (p<0.01),
HbA1c (p<0.001) was observed. Improvement in physical parameters and symptom score in diabetic patients was also observed. Urination frequency, visual symptoms, fatigue, drowsiness, hunger and thirst severity were found to be more normal in intervention group as compared to control group. There was a simultaneous improvement in parameters of oxidative stress. TAC value showed significant increase in both paired and non paired groups (p<0.05). Glutathione peroxidase levels showed increase only in paired group (p<0.01). Results of our study suggest that naturopathy can be considered as effective treatment modality in overall well-being of patients with T2D.



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