Antimicrobial activity and Escherichia coli biofilm destruction potency of
Siddha formulation Sagadevinei

Walter, Thomas M; Merish, S


The primary objective is to evaluate the microbial efficacy and biofilm destruction potency of Siddha polyherbal formulation “Sagadevinei’’ and secondary objective is to correlate the ingredients with Siddha principles such as Suvai (Taste) and Panchabootha thathuvam (five elements theory). The In vitro microbial activity of Sagadevinei (SDN) has been carried out through Agar well diffusion method and evaluated the Escherichia coli biofilm destruction potency, by growing of Escherichia coli to form biofilm in coverslip. The coverslip insisted with biofilm were stained by Acridine Orange (AO Staining), and the potency has observed under fluorescent microscope. The result shows significant microbial activity in five common microorganisms and the drug revealed marked potency against E. coli strain. Further bio-film destruction potency of the test drug was also carried out and discussed. There is a huge need for a drug from herbal origin to tackle the situation of a post antibiotic era. In day to day clinical practice, almost 80% of cases are from Escherichia coli, Gram-negative bacteria alone. To overcome the antibiotic resistance, reinfection, and reversion, the novel herbal replacements are quite effective in nature, easily affordable and safe.


Burning micturition; Neersurukku; Sagadevi nei; Siddha medicine; Urinary Tract Infection (UTI); Vernonia cinerea

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