Quantitative analysis of bio-active phytochemical(s) in selected scented rice varieties (Oryza sativa) reveals its intake towards advantage against metabolic disorders

Choudhury, Paramita ; Dutta, Krishna Nayani; Dev, Prasanta Kumar; Talukdar, Narayan Chandra; Samanta, Suman Kumar; Devi, Rajlakshmi


Based on ancestral knowledge towards health beneficial effect, the current study led to investigate the content of bioactive phytochemical(s) in the scented rice (variety “joha”) grain indigenous to the NER-India and their effects on the enzyme involved in metabolic disorders and cellular glucose uptake efficacy. Results of both α-glucosidase inhibitory activity and the glucose uptake assay-guided fractionation based on column purification followed by spectral data analysis confirmed the presence of two major bioactive compounds as linoleic (ω-6-fatty-acid) and linolenic (ω-3-fatty-acid) acid. Quantitative analysis showed that linolenic acid content in scented rice verities was 2.1±0.3 mg per gram, which is ~1.6 fold higher than its content in non-scented rice variety from the same region. The relative ratio (ω-6/ω-3) of these two essential unsaturated fatty acids content in the scented rice variety seeds was calculated as 23.5±0.6 while, in non-scented rice variety seeds, it was 31.6. Chemical fingerprinting by GCMS and HPLC of methanolic extract of selected rice samples revealed the presence of various fatty-acid along with other volatile and polar compounds. In conclusion the scented rice seeds content a better ratio of two essential unsaturated fatty acid compare to non-scented rice seed, which may be an effective choice as diet towards controlling metabolic disorder.


Diabetics, Essential fatty-acid, Joha, Phytochemicals, Scented rice


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