Functional hard-boiled candy formulation employing Plackett Burman design

Hitlamani, Veeranna ; Sebastian, Dinta ; Juvvi, Praneeth ; BS, Roopa ; Murthy, Venkatesh K; R, CHETANA


Plackett-Burman experimental design was employed as a screening experiment with five variables for preparation of hard boiled candy. The effect of varying the levels of hard-boiled candy ingredients such as ratio of liquid glucose (30-40%): sugar (60-70%) addition of nutraceuticals namely green tea extract (0.5-1%) and Amla powder (0.5-1%) along
with salt (0.1 to 0.2%) on the physicochemical responses such as hardness, colour, total polyphenol, antioxidant radical scavenging, vitamin C and overall quality were studied. Results indicated that a formulation of: sugar 70%, liquid glucose 30%, amla powder and green tea extract 1% and salt 0.1% was considered as the optimum for obtaining a hard-boiled candy (HBC) with highest overall quality. The present study showed that the hard-boiled candy with added green tea extract and Amla powder were natural sources of polyphenols, vitamin C and antioxidants.


Amla powder, Green tea extract, Hardboiled candy, Plackett Burman design, Vitamin-C


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