Nutritional and grain quality characters correlation with yield components in different conventional land races and improved varieties for in situ conservation in Tamil Nadu in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Palanisamy, Savitha ; Rajeswari, Usha Kumari


The aim of present research was to assess physicochemical and grain qualities of traditional land races and rice cultivars native to temperate region (Tamil Nadu) of India. Traditional varieties in India and across the Asia serious threat of extension because of arrival of high yielding varieties, hybrids, genetically engineered rice came for nowadays to increase the malnutrition and different human disease is the major problem. Trial material comprised of ten parents which comprised in six cultivars of female parents and four conventional landraces utilized as male parents, F1, F2 and F3 generation of six crosses. Parents and two crosses viz., IR 72 x Veeradangan, ADT 39 x Kavuni were chosen F3 generation dependent on the biometrical characters present in quality and nutritional traits in grains. These desirable characteristics (nutritional, grain quality) exploit farmers to preserve these traditional and improved cultivars encourage farmers to cultivate.


Cultivated varieties; Grain quality; Land races; Nutritional traits; Rice; Segregating generations

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